Computex is to PC Gamers what events like MWC is to mobile lovers, it’s a one-stop shop for all of the latest and greatest in the Personal Computing world, and this year may just have been one of the best yet, thanks largely to NVIDIA and ASUS with their collaboration on the ASUS Zephyrus, ASUS’s first ever NVIDIA Max-Q laptop.

What is an ASUS Zephyrus? It’s a desktop-class gaming laptop in a form factor that would make some ultrabooks jealous, the 17.9 mm thick laptop weighs in at a hefty 2.2KG, but it’s packed full of goodness. What do you get for all that?

The Zephyrus (seriously couldn’t they go with something pronounceable and not some Greek God?) packs a 15.6″ Full HD Display with a Core I7 7700HQ mobile processor, NVIDIA GTX 1080 GPU and 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

The advantage of the NVIDIA Max-Q design architecture ios that it combines innovative design with hardware and software features designed to maximise game performance whilst reducing battery drain, heat and noise. All of that will hopefully add up to an excellent performing device. The Zephyrus also packs in a few other enhancements such as backlit RGB keyboard, a side mouse pad instead of the tradition pad that ends up ruining your game session and more USB ports than you can poke a stick at, including a USB type C port.

If I could change one thing about the Zephyrus (apart from it being available today) it would the eschewing the power connector for charging over a second USB Type-C port. However, perhaps it draws more than the 60W currently supported by Type C?

Of course, if you’re not a gamer but you still need a high-end laptop for video editing, CAD, 3D Rendering or for bragging rights the ASUS Zephyrus will also fill those requirements quite nicely. Phil has spoken with ASUS live from the show floor in Taipei and we’re confident that this bad boy is headed to Australian shores this year.

Source: ASUS.
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Dean Rosolen

Wonder if there’ll be a 17″ version.

Either way, I WANT ONE!


Ooh, that’s gorgeous (as are the specs). Why can’t I get a Mac like that *sigh* I’m out of my gaming days for now, but still…