It seems all of Google is machine learning powered these days, and why not? It’s seemingly working quite well. Today, Google has announced new phishing detection for GMail, powered by machine learning.

The new features offer early phishing detection using machine learning, as well as ‘click-time warnings for malicious links, unintended external reply warnings and built-in defenses against new threats’.

Machine Learning currently allows Google to block spam and phishing messages in your Gmail with over 99.9 percent accuracy. They’ve integrated their machine learning with Google Safe Browsing technology to better increase your chances of blocking Spam or Phishing attempts.

The protection being offered is smart, it gives a warning if you start emailing someone outside your domain, but also recognises addresses from your contacts and won’t warn you if you email one of them or if you email someone you regularly communicate with.

The updates are apparently available from today, so it’s a matter of just letting Gmail do its thing.

Source: Google.