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Samsung has announced that they will be retiring their My Knox security product in favour of the new Secure Folder application in an email being sent out to My Knox users.

My Knox, which debuted on Samsung devices in 2014, was a free security solution that enabled users to keep their work and personal data separate on one device. Setting up My Knox created a separate partition on Samsung devices to store sensitive information/data.

Samsung has since developed a new more effective solution for their mobile devices called Secure Folder, which runs on all Samsung devices running Android 7.0 (Nougat) and higher.

The email circulating to My Knox users, informs them that My Knox is no longer going to be available on new Samsung devices in 2017. Any My Knox users who do require a secure space on their mobile device have been advised to set up a Secure Folder on their device by downloading the Secure Folder app from the Galaxy Apps store.

Samsung Secure Folder, runs on the company’s Knox security platform to create a more private and encrypted space on the users device. All apps, files and data that are moved from My Knox to Secure Folder, will be partitioned off separately on the users device, with an extra layer of security and privacy added.

If you’re a My Knox users, you can easily begin to transfer your files, apps and data from My Knox to Secure Folder by simply first backing up all your My Knox files and data within My Knox My Knox Settings > Backup and Restore and then restore it in Secure Folder Secure Folder Settings > Backup and restore > Restore. Performing backups and restore requires a Samsung Account, so you’ll need to create one of those if you haven’t already.

If you have a Samsung device that has has My Knox and you have some files on there that you may have forgotten about, you might want to begin the process of moving your My Knox files to Secure Folder.

Source: SamMobile.

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