Google Photos just keeps getting better, with Google applying more machine learning to the photos you put in more neat applications are being discovered. Now, the assistant within Google Photos will start suggesting which pics you can archive.

Google Photos will begin using machine learning to suggest photos that aren’t exactly happy snaps, think receipts, screenshots, shots of barcodes and serial numbers, be archived automatically.

As you can see from the sample pics in the tweet below, the suggestion for photos to be archived will show up in your Assistant, from there it’s as easy as selecting them. As we found out when archiving launched, the photos aren’t removed permanently just removed from your main library.

We’re not seeing the archive option ourselves at this stage, so it’s unclear whether it will come via app update or server side switch – we’ll soon find out. Sing out below in the comments with your app version if you start seeing it.

Source: @googlephotos.
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    It popped up yesterday with a recommendation to archive a bunch of whiteboard pictures I’ve taken at work. Pretty handy feature. Ver


    Build here. No auto archive yet but have had the archive option for a few days now.

    Chris Rowland

    Same here. Archive option is there, but no auto archiving action going on yet