In the cut-throat world of SIM only plans Vodafone is normally a hot contender, however, today they have just blown the competition out of the water. Until the end of the month, Vodafone is offering tonnes of data plus unlimited calls and texts for crazy prices.

How crazy? 10GB for $40, 18GB for only $45 and a whopping 22GB for only $55, all of those are on 12 month SIM only plans. Those last two include an additional $5 off per month because well who cares, it’s a lot of data for a little bit of cash.

Traditionally I’d say speak to your carrier for a price match, but in my experience today Telstra first offered me the same data I have now for $10 a month extra, then tried to offer me a similar plan to the $45 Vodafone plan for $85. If you want to be frustrated and deal with your own carrier then give it a go, however, I suggest a sedative first.

The golden age of competitive plans between carriers seems to be dead, while Vodafone and Optus seem to go toe to toe to some degree, Telstra has just completely abandoned the idea of being competitive on pricing or data inclusions. Considering the significant network issues they seem to have from time to time, it almost feels like they are trying to force customers off their network whilst maintaining higher profits.

How do you do that? Keep prices high, inclusions low and wait for customers to flock to the other networks until your own struggling infrastructure is back within its limits but your profits stay nice and sky high. To be honest, if you’re not forced to use Telstra for some reason, I think the time has come to jump ship, and Vodafone is definitely making their ship look really attractive right now.

Source: Vodafone.
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I only have two months left on my last 12 month contract with Vodafone that was $54 a month and 24gb of data….shouldn’t they have improved a lot more in the last 10 months


Seriously, I get 50GB of Optus 4G Plus for $59.99 and that’s just for my hotspot. I also have 3GB with unlimited calls on a normal phone plan. Having that much data means I never, ever go over my limit. And the Optus 4G Plus network is a hell of a lot better than Vodafail’s network. Both of my plans are month to month as well. Not going direct with Optus, but that is all good.

Vodafone customer

The network claims are just not true anymore, Vodafone beats Optus in more than enough suburbs with speed and availability. You’re living in the past my friend…

Chris Rowland

Vodafone’s network is actually well ahead of even Telstra’s in many metro locations… it’s only once you get outside those areas that Telstra really pulls ahead.

Michael Wilson

Perhaps an idea for a future article, prepaid sim from each carrier and put them to the test in a few cities.


It’s been done, the P3 Commdsay Test.
Telstra was best overall, but in cities over 100K Vodafone was better overall.

Michael Wilson

Unfortunately if you live in Canberra, Vodafone is next to useless. You might get a lot of included data but good luck actually trying to use it. Call coverage and use is ok, just their data through put on 4G blows, and 3G performance is barely better.

Telstra and Optus are the throughput gold standards in Canberra.


Is this article an advertisement? Vaya has a $36 10GB unlimited text & call plan. Which is only $33/mth if you prepay for 12 months. Vaya makes Vodafone’s comparable plan look expensive.

Chris Rowland

Not an advertisement. Just a very good deal from a carrier direct; these kind of deals are uncommon, and with Vodafone at least, represent a very cheap way to get a lot of data and access to very affordable roaming (for those who travel).


Also worth looking at Optus’ EOFY deals, where you’ll get 25% off on 12 month SIM Only plans, or 24 month phone plans.

Means you can get 12GB for $30/month, 15GB for $41.25, or a ‘whopping’ 25GB for $52.50 – so, 3GB more than Vodafone, as well as being $2.50 cheaper/month.

Chris Rowland

Not quite the same offering. It requires referral, doesn’t include Red roaming, nor do you get a month or more (one full month + pro-rata month) of unlimited data.

Optus’ deal is good, though, and we will cover it. Wouldn’t necessarily consider it better.


They are great deals unless you live in a regional area where Vodafone’s network is almost non-existent in rural areas and reverts to the Optus network for emergency calls only.


True until recently I had been happy with Vodafone. After visiting my elderly Aunt in a regional area I will definitely reconsider.

Chris Rowland

There’s no doubt, Vodafone performs much better as a network in metro and regional areas than it does elsewhere. Telstra certainly still has the edge in those places .. and Optus isn’t too far behind.

It’s all about what’s best for your circumstances. If you visit your aunt a couple of times a year but otherwise live in the metro areas of your state, Vodafone might be perfect for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re regularly in areas where Vodafone doesn’t have good coverage and/or performance, then obviously it may not be the best network for you.


has Optus improved a lot ? I was with them for years and when I was in outer suburbs of Melbourne in 09 I cracked it and switched to Telstra because I couldn’t get reception in either my rental house or the entirety of my workplace which was 20km away.