The massive range of hardware at Computex covered pretty much anything you can possibly imagine, one of the product ranges that really interested me for their versatility was the point of sale and mobile barcode readers available.

One such range that seems to not only fill a growing need but drop fair and square in the Android space is the point of sale hardware from Sunmi. Sunmi have a broad range of devices that fit in this space and cover everything from mobile needs to even a bar mounted option (soon to be released) — all driven by Android.

There are a number of existing devices in the range, but what really got me interested in their devices was the fact that they’re looking to remain current by staying at the pointy end of technology. Their latest addition to the range, the V1s, has been updated to include USB Type-C and Android 7.x on top of a range of other features collated from previous devices (the V1 and M1). With all this rolled into one device the V1s becomes a true all rounder in mobile point of sale hardware.

The Barcode reader will read either 1D or 2D barcodes within 0.7 of a second on either type of barcode. Able to deal with scan code payments and housing a built in receipt printer, it’s a useful option for anyone on the road needing to scan deliveries, take payments or print receipts on delivery of any goods or services. All of these are managed via their cloud interface.

While visiting their stand we also had a look at their new terminal hardware which is yet to have its operating system finished, but the hardware itself is really nice looking and will fit in anywhere from a cafe to a high class venue. While we’ve only seen the hardware at this time we’re assured that the OS is well under way and will be ready “soon”.

From a tech enthusiasts perspective, there is always attraction to devices that are pushing forward rather than resting on a successful formula. If the Sunmi range of POS products is something that has an application for you and your business, please touch base with us as they’re pushing into Australia and we have contact details we can share.

As the world moves more to a mobility based market, what other traditionally permanently fixed hardware can you see moving to a mobile solution?

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    Rob Judd

    If you had actually bothered to test a Sunmi V1 you would have discovered that they are really badly designed, despite looking superficially pretty. The USB port isn’t OTG compliant, nor can the unit be powered via this port. The docking station uses a foreign power connector but at least my supplier on AliExpress did provide the requested adapter at no charge, non-optimum as that solution might be. The mobile connection is at best 3G which is being phased out by Telstra within two years. The quality of dockets emitted by the thermal printer is awful, and they don’t even… Read more »

    Daniel Tyson

    If you had bothered to read the article in the context that it was written this is not a ‘review’ but a look at a product at a trade show – there is absolutely Zero chance of testing any of the aforementioned things.

    I award you a 1/10 for comprehension for this comment.


    Would you look at that. Android is expanding their accessibility. More devices are powered by them now.