If have read my two LG G6 reviews you will know that in the end I thought the phone pretty good, although not so much in the Telstra incarnation. I said at the time that the version sold outright at JB Hi-Fi with 64GB of onboard storage and the DAC included was much better. This week, while stocks last, you can pick one up from JB Hi-Fi for under $900.

Under the guise of JB Hi-Fi’s “Instant Deals” the LG G6 is $250 off the RRP at JB Hi-Fi. For those already signed up for JB Hi-Fi’s Instant Deals you will have seen the email in your inbox. For those not signed up there is some good news. Although the email says the code is unique, it is not. I received the same code as Chris and everyone else we know who received it.

To take advantage of this special offer:

  1. Head to JB HiFi’s Instant Deals landing page
  2. Add the LG G6 to your cart (don’t worry about the listed price)
  3. Use this coupon code when you get to the payment screen:
  4. Complete your order

You’ll then see the following order confirmation screen:

The offer is also available in store — if you want to buy there, simply print the coupon image above and take it in to your local JB HiFi to place your order, and — if stock is available — you can walk out of the store with your new phone on the spot, with a $250 saving back in your pocket.

This is a great deal, and at this price, the LG G6 is an even easier recommendation than in Scott’s re-review.


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The vaya_shop eBay Store is selling the LG G6 for $799 -20% off sale makes the final price $639.20!! Pretty good deal if you’re prepared to risk the usual **grey import** caveats!!


Might as well be $10,000 as I still wouldn’t pay $899 for a G6. The mob I got my G4 from on ebay has the LG G6 (H870DS model) at around $688 atm. And they were even replacing the bootloop G4 months after the warranty with also a free battery/charger. So very reliable seller. I think last week ebay had 15%off store wide, so best to wait for those offers too.
BTW: HK and TW versions have same model number (LG-H870DS) and support the Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback


Kogan have this for AU$799… A little cheaper than JB’s price.


Disappointed with Australian phone prices. The grey market price for this phone is around the $700 range. $200 extra is a bit too much. We need honest pricing in Australia. Korean buyers were able to purchase the Samsung S8 for $us177. I think it is $1200 here. Lower tear processors soc are getting so powerful that people in developed markets will start purchasing at that level and leave the silly pricing completely.


guess they are already facing the heat from samsung