June 5th is World Environment Day, so why not help the planet out and get rid of some of that e-waste lying around your house by recycling your old mobile phones with Mobile Muster.

In a new report from IPSOS, Mobile Muster says in Australia alone we have five million unusable mobiles hanging around our homes. This figure is growing too with a million of those handsets added to the tally in the last year.

Spyro Kalos, MobileMuster’s Recycling Manager says ‘It’s time to let go. If your mobile is broken and can’t be turned on, then it’s essentially just a piece of junk’.

Mobile Muster is a not-for-profit organisation, so revenue generated isn’t kept by some faceless corporation profiting from the donation of your old mobile phone. Any revenue generated from the donation of mobile phones goes towards community education and helping people in need.

As part of their recycling program Mobile Muster can recover 98% of the materials found in mobile phones. Materials recovered includeprecious metals, plastics and non-renewable resources all of which leads to a reduction in new mining. Mobile Muster says ‘recycling 50,000 handsets can remove the need to mine over 330 tonnes of precious metal ore’.

Handsets donated are wiped, so you can rest assured that if you donate your mobile phone, the data is destroyed.

You can drop off your old, unwanted handset and its accessories off at one of over 3,000 MobileMuster drop-off points, which are located at all the major carriers including Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile stores. If there isn’t one nearby you can download a mailing label from the MobileMuster website.

For World Environment Day this is a perfect reminder to get rid of your old phones. Get in on it now.

Source: Mobile Muster.