Flagship phones are not cheap these days. An LG G6 in is best config will set you back around $1150 from JB Hifi. $1150 is a lot of money and considering that the construction of it is all glass there are times you may want to protect it. Some want to protect them at all times. How is it done? Cases of course.

Cases — there are so many of them around and it is difficult to know what is a good case. For this reason when I got the chance to review an Urban Armor Gear (UAG) Plasma Series case I figured why not. I’m not someone who uses a case on my phone at all times — only at the gym and at select times (beach, mosh pit etc). I’d never even heard of UAG before but figured I could help out as there are always so many questions regarding cases for new phones. So many people end up buying multitudes of cases before they settle on one.

What is the UAG Plasma Series?

The UAG Plasma Series case is a serious looking case. It has a hard outer shell with a “soft impact resistant core” giving it an amazing amount of drop protection. Although I did not perform a drop-test on the case (I suspect LG may not have been very happy with me doing that to their review phone) it does meet military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6). When you feel the size of this case you would have no reason to doubt this claim. It is thick and solid.

The black accents around the edge of the case aid in the grip and it felt extremely secure in my grasp at all times. These black accents wrap around to the front of the device with a decent sized bump on the front protecting the display when the phone is sitting face down on a desk.

How does it fit?

It fits extremely well. Possibly the best fitting case I have used which is surprising considering the size and thickness of the case. It snaps on with ease and once on, the phone is well held within the case. The cutouts for the fingerprint sensor and rear camera lenses are perfectly located. The fingerprint sensor hole helps you find the sensor as without it the sensor is the smallest of indentations on the back of the device. The covers over the volume rocker are easy to use and yet the buttons are well protected.

Where can you get one?

At this stage I was unable to find one of these for the LG G6 in an Australian store although there are stores that sell them for Samsung phones, Pixel phones, older LG phones and even the Huawei Mate 9. At $50AU it may be an option if you are looking for an extremely heavy duty case for one of those phones. For the LG G6, at this stage you will have to go via their online store where is is $39.95US with free shipping — this equates to around the $50AU mark.

Would I buy one?

I personally do not have the use case for this type of phone protection but if you want need some serious, rugged, heavy duty, throw-your-phone-against-a-brick-wall type of protection then this is for you. The price is not cheap but when you are protecting a phone that cost over a thousand dollars you don’t want to trust it to a $5 eBay job. I would highly recommend this case for those who just want their phone protected from a rugged lifestyle. In the end the phone does not look anything like what it did before you applied the case but it will give you peace of mind with the level of protection it provides.