Foxtel’s launch event for Foxtel Now, the reimagining of its TV streaming service, has just finished up at Moore Park in Sydney and it’s becoming clear that the pay TV operator means business when it comes to making Foxtel Now “for everyone” with its new service.

Foxtel Now’s entertainment packs are priced at either $10 or $15 per month. and the Pop and Drama both feature the Showcase channel, which airs Game of Thrones in Australia. These two are the more expensive packs, each running $15 per month on their own or $25 per month for both as a bundle.

A month of Foxtel Go on the Pop or Drama pack, plus the two-week free trial gives you six weeks of Foxtel Now — almost enough to watch all seven episodes of Game of Thrones as it airs… well, maybe if you wait a couple of days for the first episode.

It’s cheaper than forking out a per-episode price for the series on Google Play Movies and TV, or iTunes – both of which run $32.99/season for HD, and it beats waiting – going on past years, the episodes won’t be available on those services until after the season concludes its premiere run on Foxtel.

Foxtel’s lack of high definition streaming has long been the response to reports of Australians leading the world in pirating Game of Thrones. With the new service launching in time for the new season of the world’s most-pirated TV show, and promising to put it on Chromecast in HD it’ll be interesting to see if Australians finally put their money where their mouth is.

Will you be giving Foxtel Now a chance to shine when Game of Thrones season 7 rolls around in July? Tell us in the comments!

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Glad to see they are improving. Hopefully once the AndroidTV device and app arrive it can be used with my ShieldTV.

Its still expensive and harder to work out what content you are really getting in each package though. And recent changes seem to have made that worse with dropped channels.


Ignoring the fact that this whole exclusivity deal is annoying as anything, there are two important things here. 1: Foxtel has paid HBO for these exclusive rights until the series has finished airing, which means any pirating during this time is affecting Foxtel and not the Game of Thrones team. 2: The only reason Foxtel are paying for this exclusive rights is to make money off increased subscribers as a result. Even with their ridiculous pricing they must still be making profit as a result of their previous exclusivity deals, otherwise they would not be doing it again. Of course… Read more »

Luke Vesty

How are they defining “HD”?

Nathan Greenway

The thing is there is usually a break in the middle of the season for GoT, so it may go longer than 7 weeks.


The break was generally for an American holiday, which they have skipped by starting later


Best way to tune in for Game of Thrones. Foxtel, Australia will love you for this.


Unless I can subscribe to the sports package and nothing else then they can jump. The forcing of bundling for crap I don’t want really peeves me off!