We’ve been watching the rollout of Android Pay since the payment platform was launched in Australia last year, and we have to admit we were surprised when the latest institution to announce support for the growing platform wasn’t a Bank, but Qantas Airlines, thanks to Australian Business Traveller for the heads up. Yep, Quantas has a new credit card and it’s going to support Android pay in a future update.

The Qantas Premier credit card is a MasterCard issued for Qantas by the Citi group based in the USA. As with most credit cards, the new Qantas card comes with several bonus and incentives including 60,000 frequent flyer point bonus for signing up (and actually using the card), Qantas lounge passes (only 2 of them) and travel insurance on Qantas flights amongst other things.

We’re not here to provide commentary on the pros and cons of different credit cards, but obviously, Qantas is aiming to appeal to the frequent traveller who may just see easy accrual of frequent flyer point as a good deal.

What is interesting is the Qantas has confirmed Android Pay and Samsung Pay will be supported but has not commented on Apple Pay. It seems that Qantas will stand strong with other Australian financial institutions in sending a message to Apple, “give us equal access to NFC payments on iOS or you can’t access our customers”.

Earlier this year the ACCC ruled against consumers and for Apple in a case where Australian banks were trying to collectively bargain with Apple over access to the secure NFC element on iOS devices. With Australian consumer good firmly in their rearview, I can’t see Apple standing down.

Unfortunately, the loss of any Australian credit card revenue would be a rounding error to Apple who isn’t likely to steer away from their monopolistic and monolithic view of the world because the Australian Financial sector is standing their ground.

If you’re a frequent Qantas traveller and you’re wanting a credit card tailored to your needs this soon to be Android Pay compatible card may just be right for you,

Source: Qantas Money.
Via: Australian Business Traveller.
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Douglas Marques

Yeah, it doesn’t support. I wouldn’t apply for this card if I’d knew that before!

Douglas Marques

Yeah, it doesn’t support. I wouldn’t apply for this card if I knew that before!

Mark Dutton

Me too. It doesn’t work. 🙁


It does say in a future update. I’d like to know exactly how far into the future is this update? By the looks of it, probably not this millenium…


This is inaccurate – the card does not support Android Pay. Source: i have one.


It still doesn’t