At CES Asia there’s a lot of neat gadgets, not all of which are available, or will ever be available here, but one company, igloohome is already here and they’re about to scale up.

The igloohome devices are all Bluetooth controlled, with cloud backup and authentication through an app for your Android (or iOS) device. They offer two products currently, the Keybox and Deadbolt which are available for purchase in Australia, and the Mortice which is coming soon. .

The igloohome app allows for programming, with the ability to set how long the virtual key code is valid for, check access logs. AirBNB Hosts can even set the app to synchronise their calendar with their igloohome account to create pin codes automatically for guests. The app also turns your phone into a Bluetooth key that will let you unlock it when you get within range.


igloohome launched the Keybox in Australia about 6 months ago, working with the local Australian AirBNB team to advertise these key lockbox solutions for AirBNB hosts. It’s an elegant solution for the simple problem of getting a key to an AirBNB Guest if you’re not in the area when they need to check-in, there’s also room in there if you need to include things like tickets or cards etc. Simply program the Keybox with a new code for each new AirBNB guest and then send that unique code to the client – simple.

It’s powered by 4x AAA batteries which last for a year, with a beep alarm and flashing red LED indicator that tells you when the battery is running low. You can shackle the keylock to a balcony, with a key supplied to unshackle the bolt or mount it to a wall using the four screwholes in the back.


Like the Keybox, the Mortice is a new bluetooth enabled solution for your home but this time directly for your door replacing the whole lock mechanism. It’s uses the same app and Bluetooth connectivity and app to program all the functions for the Keybox, but this time for your door. You can still use the app and your smartphone as a Bluetooth key when in range so you don’t have to worry about entering a code just to get inside, but with the individual lock codes and logging you can track when and who is coming and going from your house – kids curfew will never be the same!

The Mortice is powered by 4x AA batteries battery which should get you a year of use, and has a low battery beep warning as well as flashing red LED to indicate that it’s time to change that battery. If the lock does go flat you can attach an external 9V battery to jump-start the lock to get you inside your house, at which stage you can change the battery.

The Mortice isn’t released yet, but it’s coming soon and it’s coming to Australia where it’s going to be available online and through their local distributor Keywatch Systems QLD, and various dealers and retail partners. .


The Keylock retails for around $229, while the Mortice will retail for around $599 when it launches in around 2-3 months. If you want to order the Keylock now you can head over to the igloohome website to check out more details.

Daniel travelled to CES Asia as a guest of the Consumer Technology Association

Source: igloohome.