OnePlus have gone back to their roots this year and have slowly drip fed us small tidbits of information surrounding their 2017 flagship. We “know” some rumoured specs but today we have seen more information arrive confirming a Snapdragon 835 processor and a June 22 release date.

Following on from their website stating that the announcement of the OnePlus 5 will be on June 20 today we have seen OnePlus India change their website to display the launch date, June 22. This is slated to be a wide-scale roll-out of the new flagship (to those countries OnePlus deem worthy of their flagship) as opposed to the slow and sometimes invite-only releases of previous years.

Overnight we have also seen perennial leaker, Evan Blass leak out details of the OnePlus 5 gleaned from the source code of the Amazon India’s teaser webpage. While the website states that the phone will have 8GB of RAM to go along with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor we have seen benchmarks showing it to have 6GB of RAM. It is possible that there are two versions as the version with 6GB of RAM only has 64GB of onboard storage according to those benchmarks.

Adding credibility to the webpage’s source code is the fact that it has now been removed. Read into that what you will.

Whatever the case we will know the full details on June 20 (although I think it may be June 21 Australia time) unless they decide to leak more information in the next week or so. It is unlikely, just like in past years, that the phone will be fully compatible with all of our networks here in Australia but that has not stopped many of you importing OnePlus’ phones.

Anyone here looking at importing one of these?

Source: @evleaks.
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I’m very tempted… 22 June is my birthday, but the price of flagships are just getting ridiculous, and I can no longer justify spending that much on a phone.

Thankfully the midrange is getting better and better. This is likely going to be just out of reach for me (and definitely would be an issue if missing LTE bands, because reception is a precious commodity around here).

Still, I’m always excited to see what OnePlus have in store for us (or at least the part of the world they care about)