Love them or hate them, we’re all used to selfie sticks by now. They’re the cheap little tool that people use seemingly everywhere now. But they apparently got smart, or at least the Hohem-Tech S1 Auto tracking selfie stick did.

The selfie stick has come of age with this new design, it’s got motors, Bluetooth and even a Flash built-in to help you get the best selfie that you possibly can. Pairing the selfie stick with Hohem’s app, which is available on Google Play, the Selfie Stick can zoom in or out, auto-track people and take a shot or tilt back and forth without manual intervention to get a better view of the scene.

Because it’s got electronics in it, you will of course need to recharge it and you can do so via the microUSB port built-in to the base of the stick.

It’s a neat tool, it costs a little more than your average selfie-stick coming in at around $49US + Shipping, but it’s a fun take on what’s become a fairly commonplace gadget. To see a few more pics, check it out on their website.

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    Welcome to the world of modern technology, selfie sticks. People will really try this out.