We’ve got mosquito problems in Australia. Not as bad as some areas of the world where diseases are prevalant, but enough to be annoying. So, it was a bit of a surprise to see this company selling bug zappers in light bulbs.

The company, Zapplight, sells these things in the US as a sort of ‘As seen on TV’ style thing which I personally tend to avoid but I liked it and it’s a fairly neat solution to a common problem.

The company sells a variety of versions of the unit, with themed ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ bulbs in blue and pink, as well as in white in all sorts of form factors from a standard bulb to a larger one for outside in a spotlight style. They’re all LED bulbs, so last a long time and put out quite a strong, white light. There’s settings to have the bulb on by itself, or the bug zapper, or both if you want for when you’re entertaining and want to kill the bug population.

You can buy these bulbs from Amazon, or other online retailers from as low as $16AUD depending on what style you want and if you need Edison screw or Bayonet Cap – they sell both styles.

It’s not a smart globe, and as far as I can tell there’s no plans to make them smart at all, so yes it’s a bit off track. Then again that’s what CES is often all about, these off the wall products. If you want to learn more you can check out all the globes they sell on myzapplight.com.

Daniel travelled to CES Asia as a guest of the Consumer Technology Association

Source: myzapplight.
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    Bug zappers are completely useless for mosquito control – this is basically a scam product.

    (Trust your first instinct to stay away from ‘as seen on TV’ products)


    Its a BUG zapper. Which is what I would get it for, not mozzies.


    That’s a good idea 🙂 Hurry up Amazon Oz!