Do you you accumulate devices like we do? Do you have a tablet, a mobile phone, and perhaps a mobile hotspot that you leave in your bag? Chances are you need another SIM card with some cheap data, and Vodafone has a special deal on prepaid mobile broadband to meet that need.

An online special is running at the moment until 4 July 2017, which gives you 10GB of data for just $25, with a long 180 day expiry. Yes, it’s not a huge amount of data, but that expiry makes it particularly appealing.

Here’s just two ideas for things you could do with a long expiry data SIM like this from Vodafone:

  • When you get your Huawei Watch 2 (which should becoming to Australia soon), you can throw a SIM in it, and access things like Google Assistant anywhere, even if you’ve left your phone at home.
  • Have you got a hotspot that you could leave in your bag, at your desk at work, or in the car? Throw a cheap SIM in it, and have data where you need it without using your mobile as a hotspot (thus saving its battery).

These are just two such things. You could, of course, do just about anything else with it too. Got a 3G tablet that you occasionally use to browse? Throw a SIM in it, and untether from your home WiFi when you go out.

The possibilities are literally endless, and frankly, not that exciting to talk about, but the real bargain is the 10GB of data for just $25. Ordinarily, that’d be $40 with a 30 day expiry, or $50 with the 180 day expiry.

By comparison, Optus’ current prepaid offer is $30 for 4GB of data, and Telstra gives you 3GB for $15 at the moment. There’s only one month expiry on each of those, two.

The offer is online only, so head over to to grab a starter kit today if you’re so minded. If you want to get a bit more of a feel for what’s happening in the mobile broadband space, why not check out our comparison post too?