Do you still miss your whale sized Nexus 6? Some people do, and it’s that size phone that Google is rumoured to be going for with sources telling Android Police that they’ve shelved the device codenamed ‘muskie’, which was to succeed the Pixel XL in favour of a larger device.

The rumoured ‘taimen’ device was first brought to light by Droid-Life back in March, which sparked speculation that Google may have three phones to release this year, with ‘Walleye’ the smaller Pixel replacement, Muskie the larger Pixel XL replacement, leaving Taimen to be a massive over-size option, but it looks like we’re back to two.

Android Police aren’t speculating on why the change has occurred, just that Muskie has been shelved in favour of Taimen and they’re confident in the information.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of the Nexus 6 size, and the smaller Pixel isn’t big enough for me so how a ‘BIG’ Pixel goes, we’ll have to wait till September to find out.

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    Dennis Bareis

    I hope its not just “larger” because its 18:9 (2:1) as I want the screen to be wide like the Nexus 6

    Greg McPherson

    You can’t release a thousand dollar phone with bezels now. It looks old.


    android phones are averaging out to be larger and larger despite phones like the S8 getting smaller by cutting bezels out. If the Pixel line is to function like the Nexus line and lead by example for OEMs then Google should be doing a Pixel Mini that can run on something other than a battery hungry SD800 series chip (e.g. a SD660) pushing something around 1080p with the same camera module as whatever the standard and XL size pixels get. there is no shortage of monster phones that need two hands to type and pull thumb muscles when you check… Read more »


    Apparently the Taimen is larger because it’s the 18.5:9 aspect ratio instead of 16:9.
    I.e. Google were waiting to see the public reception to the S8/G6 size before deciding on what model to go with.

    Mike Stevens

    This would rule the XL out for me, if so. I have the current model, and anything bigger than that would just be too much of a pain in the backside for me and my poor Trump-like short fingers. Hopefully the regular Pixel will be a little bigger, to make up for the loss of the XL. I wonder what the sales split of the current models is…


    I personally love the size of the N6, with the larger screen to body size ratio a device with the same size screen would be in a smaller phone. Remember the N6 was also mostly screen anyway.

    The Pixel is too small for me, the XL is on the small side as well so bring it on.