Hot on the heels of their Moto Z2 Play launch, Motorola has gone to the lower end of their range announcing the update E series line-up with two phones: the Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus.

The phones offer a great looking spec sheet with a lower end price with the Moto E4 priced at $129.99USD (around $172AUD) while the Moto E4 Plus is priced at $179.99USD (around $239AUD).

The specs are different for each phone, though the styling seems the same for both handsets. The Moto E4 is the smaller of the two with a 5″ display, while the E4 Plus goes for a larger 5.5″ display, though both are only HD (1280×720) resolution. The Moto E4 has a disappointing 2,800mAh battery, while the larger Moto E4 Plus jams in a 5,000mAh battery for true all-day usage and is paired with a 10W rapid charger for super fast charging.

Both models appear to have a fingerprint sensor, and the camera should be quite good given our positive results with the latest G series phones. A 5MP adorns the front of both the E4 and E4 Plus, while the rear camera goes from an 8MP sensor on the E4 to a 13MP sensor on the E4 Plus.

Want specs? Here’s a comparison:

Motorola has done well launching the E series with Android 7.1, though we’ve heard previously that they’ll be bundling security updates in 3 monthly updates instead of every month. Whether we’ll see a bump to Android O is another query we’ll be putting to Motorola if they do launch the phones here.

We’re waiting for local availability confirmation from Motorola Australia, but given the Moto E series have been on-sale previously here in the past, signs are good we’ll see the 4th generation here too.

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I would think one of both of these are likely to make it in one of the networks prepaid selections given the price. The plus would have to be the more interesting of the 2 with that battery I would expect 2 days of average use per charge and possibly close to a week of lite.

Jack Bauer

“Core config 4 x 4.4 GHz”

Mistake yeah?