Turns out JB Hi-Fi is still selling Chromebooks, though probably not in your local store, at least judging by the Chromebook specials email being sent around to their mailing list.

The email highlights several deals on Lenovo, Acer and HP Chromebooks ranging in price from $249 for the 11″ Lenovo N22 Chromebook and ranging up to $349 for the rest of the models. With an Intel Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM, the Lenovo N22 is a pretty good deal for those looking to get into the Chromebook world, though a smallish screen may not be ideal for everyone.

JB Hi-Fi, along with the now defunct retail side of Dick Smith, were launch partners with Google for the introduction of Chromebooks into Australia in 2013. Availability in-store may have waned in the last four years, but at least you can order them online and get free delivery on these models to boot.

Chromebooks have become quite popular in the education sector both in the US, and in Australia with a number of schools and organisations like the Catholic Education Office ‘going Google’ and either recommending, or issuing Chromebooks to students.

If you’re just in the market for a Chromebook you can find cheaper deals on imports but if you’re looking for fast and convenient these deals may be a good option to look into.

Source: JB Hi-Fi.
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    Out of those Chromebooks, which one would you guys recommend? Might buy one. Never had a Chromebook before.

    Justin Virly

    Anything 4gb ram should be good. Chromebooks are great for web browsing. That being said, if you are happy to buy from Amazon I literally just bought the Acer R11 for $370 AUD yesterday which beats these and runs Android apps.

    We’ve had a 2gb Toshiba Chromebook which is still great after 3 years of use. We’re getting a new one just to have a second machine.

    *Edit I just realised this is the Acer R11. Codes are confusing. Get this one as I mentioned, it’s the only one listed that runs Android apps.

    Yianni Soc

    So the $399 HP11 G5 touchscreen won’t run android apps? What’s the point of the price tag and the touchscreen?