Google’s rollout of Android Pay could soon see another surge with National Australia Bank apparently close to launching Android Pay support.

The rumour comes from The Australian newspaper, who says that NAB is looking to roll out Android Pay support as part of their next phase in the launch of digital wallet service for customers. NAB currently offers support for Tap & Pay for Android using their own NAB banking app, which is available on Google Play. Customers however have been clamouring for Android Pay support since it launched in July last year.

And NAB themselves haven’t changed their line on supporting Android Pay, at least according to social media but that could change soon. The Australian reports that the launch of Android Pay on NAB is ‘looming’ but hasn’t elaborated on any launch dates.

At this stage, two of the ‘Big Four’ banks in Australia, ANZ and Westpac, support Android Pay, along with 44 other financial institutions including American Express, Bankwest, ING and Macquarie Banks. Westpac’s subsidiaries St George, Bank SA and Bank of Melbourne are expected to also launch Android Pay support later this year, but haven’t updated plans since last year.

We’ve reached out to the National Australia Bank for comment, but have not heard back at this time.

Source: The Australian.
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    I am not convinced social media is going to change anything but it cant hurt…

    And comm bank launched android pay – last of the big 4. How the hell do we pressure these guys into getting on-board?

    Stuart Gardoll

    Waiting…. waiting…

    Any news on when soon might be?

    Nathan Greenway

    OMG, Westpac has actually extended the options for their Visa CC’s to use Android Pay! The one I have wasn’t eligible, I had no idea it changed. I’ve been waiting for ages 🙂

    Russell Fletcher

    Yeah it came as a surprise (welcomed) to me as well… think it quietly got added in early May.