Happy Fathers Day…wait, it’s not September yet? Well, in the US, Fathers Day is this Sunday the 18th of June, and just like they did for Mothers Day last month Google is getting Photos to serve up a special movie featuring your Dad.

It all starts on the photos.google.com/fathersday which simply gets you to click the link to begin, choose your Dad, then all their kids from the options available and hit ‘Go To Assistant’. It’ll then take a few minutes to serve up a video of your dad and his kids which appears in the ‘Assistant’ section of Google Photos.

The video created is pretty good with a soundtrack and transitions to photos found in your library. You can share the end result in Google Photos to anyone you want…maybe your dad? I’ve created mine, but I think i’ll go through and add a few more pics of my brothers and sisters to Google Photos before hitting the create movie button again, I’ve got till September right?

Source: Google Photos.
Via: 9to5Google.