Google uses the assistant feature in the Google Photos app to do some amazing things. We have seen it make animations and movies of events of holidays but today I saw something that made me chuckle. Google made me a movie of my Pixel.

Sounds boring right, but my Pixel is actually my cat, Pixie for short. Google Photos made me a “Meow Movie” with some of the better photos I have taken of Pixie. The notification for the movie just popped up in the notification bar like they normally do from Google Photos except this one had a happy cat emoji included.

According to Google the movie is “part of a new Google initiative to highlight the importance in people’s lives”. A Google spokesperson told Huffington Post that:

Beginning this week, if you take lots of photos of your dog or cat, you may get a movie celebrating your pet in all their paw-some-ness

Using the movie editor within Google Photos app you can also change the music, add more photos or add effects to the images. The end result is a very cute video.

If you have not received yours yet head over to the Google Photos app and start making your own. There are themes within the app for pets other than cats if you aren’t a cat person.

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    Cats are the best. Look at that it is even featured in Google.

    Luke Vesty

    Haha cats are the best! How much does yours HATE that collar though? I assume it’s recently been desexed? Our kitten went ballistic with her collar and managed to rip it off multiple times.