According to basically anyone who has held and used a HTC U11 for any significant amount of time it is an amazing device (yes, we’re whip cracking Jason about his review). The problem is though that sometimes being an amazing device doesn’t always extrapolate into amazing sales. This time it seems to be heading in a much more positive direction than in previous years for HTC.

After a couple of very lean years with uninspiring devices with the M9 and last years ’10’, HTC seems to have a relative success on their hands with the early sales figures for the U11 showing that in the first month of being on sale it has sold more than the M9 and HTC 10. While that is hardly a glowing report considering the abject failures of the previous HTC flagships it shows that HTC are finally heading in the right direction.

Overall HTC seems to be heading in a very positive direction with HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang saying that HTC are expected to produce satisfactory financial results next year. This is a big change for HTC with them bleeding money in recent years — they posted a net loss of US$349 million in 2016.

With the HTC U11 receiving glowing reviews all around we expect this trend of the U11 outselling the M9 and M10 to continue. Hopefully HTC can get back to the Android powerhouse they were back in the early days of Android. Strong sales with their phones combined with their new offering of standalone VR headsets (announced at Google I/O) should see them head in that direction.

Source: focus Taiwan.
Via: HTC Source.
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Tom Sekulic

Another reason why HTC is receiving positive reviews could be “gifts for comments” campaign:


Absolutely love the work that does in bringing us info and I agree the HTC U11 is a great phone. My only gripe is the incorrect use of Chair-whatever. I understand it might be politically correct to call Cher Wang a Chairwoman but it is completely wrong to do so. Why? HTC has a long wordy mandate “we are committed to making innovative products in a responsible manner – respecting people, the communities in which we operate and the environment…”. Cher Wang chairs that mandate and is therefore the Chairman, it is not a sexist term, plain and simple.… Read more »

Chris Rowland

Actually, HTC’s own literature calls Ms Wang the Chairwoman of HTC.

My preference would be to refer to her as Chairperson, but I didn’t write this.


Professor Scott Plowman? Is that a new title? Congratulations. What was it for?

Chris Rowland

That’s just me mucking around for a bit of amusement. Scott is a uni lecturer, but not (yet) a professor 😉


HTC M10?? is this article just a copy/paste from the article on reddit?

Daniel Tyson

Are you simply trolling for the hell of it or just passing through? It’s a simple mistake.


Hey, I take issue with referring to the HTC10 as “uninspiring”. It was positively reviewed across the board and, quoting from this site’s own review of the device, you said: “HTC has returned to form with the HTC 10.” “The phone is beautifully designed…” “HTC have almost comprehensively nailed it with the HTC 10.” Its main problem was the price point and a pretty poor marketing campaign (anyone remember seeing a single ad for this device?) but, as far as I can tell, the U11 is an evolution of that phone (disclosure, I haven’t held one yet) so I don’t… Read more »

Daniel Tyson

Different people, different opinions. I loved the HTC 10, not everyone actually got hands-on time with it and simply took their own opinions.