The issues that LG have had with recent flagships and bootloops have left many users hesitant to trust them again. To combat this hurdle to future success and to show how much faith they have in the G6, LG are putting their warranty firmly and squarely behind their new flagship.

Overnight LG USA have opened up a new warranty program called the “LG G6 Second Year Promise”. LG have created this because they discovered that customers were using their phones for 18-24 months and this helps to “ensure that customers remain as happy with their device in their second year of ownership compared to the first!” The warranty does cover bootloops but not accidental damage.

Sounded great but before reporting on it Ausdroid shot off an email to LG Australia and although there was no mention of Australia in the overnight information it does not matter. All LG G6 phones sold through official channels have a full two year warranty. An LG Spokesperson said:

there is a two year warranty for all LG G6 models sold in Australian telcos and open channels

Australian Consumer Law (ACL) around warranties is worded in a way that’s hard to prove either way so it is good to hear it from the company themselves that a full two warranty is provided.

The section of the ACL which deals with warranties, says that goods must be ‘be fit for the purpose the business told you it would be fit for and for any purpose that you made known to the business before purchasing’. Australians generally see a two year life cycle from mobile phones, with the average Mobile contract from a carrier lasting this period, which gives you a guide.

If the reliability of LG devices in the past had you hesitant about buying an LG G6 you can now rethink that with LG putting their word behind their product for a full two years. You can read my thoughts on it in the re-review earlier this month

Source: 9to5Google.
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…because they discovered that customers were using their phones for 18-24 months
Seriously, they ‘just discovered”. Sometimes it makes you want to keep tapping multiple times on their heads with your knuckles saying “Hello.. Anyone home”?
Anyway, doesn’t matter what it is with me, if you believe in your product you give long warranties… simple!