If you’ve wanted to try out the Boost Mobile network and customer service, now is a good time as they’re offering a SIM with $30 credit for $10 via a Groupon deal. If you buy this via the Groupon app today 18 June you can get a further dollar off, so the SIM and $30 credit would cost you only $9.

A $30 prepaid plan on Boost Mobile includes: 3GB anytime data + 1GB every weekend, Unlimited calls and SMS to standard national numbers within Australia and 28 days expiry for manual recharges (31 days if you set automatic recharge).

The only unmetered service on Boost Mobile that I’m aware of is Apple music. If you want unmetered mobile viewing of the various sports Telstra sponsors (NRL, netball etc) you’ll have to get a prepaid mobile plan from Telstra directly.

Boost Mobile is the only Telstra mobile network reseller whose customers have access to all of Telstra’s mobile phone towers including 4G data speeds.

Officially Boost Mobile data transfers don’t include the higher Telstra 4GX speed but some Boost customers on Whirlpool report speed tests of ~200mbits.

If you’re a Boost Mobile customer please let us know your data speed test results in the comments section.

Source: Groupon.
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According to my Ookla speedtest app, my Nexus 6P on Boost Mobile gets download 79mbps, upload 37mbps in my front garden and download 49mbps, upload 23mbps upload in my loungeroom averaged over 2 tests. I live near Nprthland in Melbourne. These speeds are pretty good at the moment, I assume it’s because it’s a Sunday morning.