It’s been a fair while since we’ve talked about Yotaphone at Ausdroid, and I last reviewed one a bit over two years ago. It seems Chinese brand Yota isn’t done with the line, either, announcing a Yotaphone 3 in the last couple of days at the China-Russia Expo in Harbin.

Why do we care? Yotaphone had a party trick up its sleeve, or rather, on its back. You see, Yotaphones have two displays, a traditional colour display on the front, and a grayscale eInk display on the back. It could do an awful lot, including offering you the full Android experience, but where it was most useful was for reading or browsing web pages, because you saved an awful lot of battery life by having the backlit colour display inactive.

What do we know about the Yotaphone 3? Basically nothing, except there will be 64GB and 128GB models, with pricing around $350 to $450 (USD).

Yotaphone haven’t seen first-party availability in Australia, instead relying on imports from the likes of Expansys (and some others). However, for those who do quite a bit of reading on their phones and want to really extend their battery life, Yotaphone offers a compelling use case.


Source: Liliputing.
Via: Android Police.
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Amazing… Just yesterday I was thinking about the Yotaphone 2 and wondering if there would be a new version soon. The latest crop of phones being announced, all seem to be the same boring clones. Cant wait to hear more!