I need more USB-C chargers. While I have literally twenty microUSB 5V/1-2A chargers sitting within arms reach, I have three 5V/3A chargers to charge my Pixel and Nexus devices. That’s why I’m off to Jaycar to get their 15W USB-C charger.

At just $22.45, the charger is discounted by $7.50, making it a lot cheaper (even at full price) than the 15W charger available from the Google Store for $55. The Jaycar USB-C charger isn’t ‘Benson Approved’, not every charger, cable or adapter can be, but Jaycar have been selling electronics in Australia for the last 35 odd years and I trust the hell out of them.

There is one drawback, it doesn’t come with a USB-C to USB-C cable, but Jaycar again sells these in-store for $22.45. It’s a 1 metre long USB Type C to USB2.0 Type C Lead, so how useful that is to you is up to you. Again,not ‘Benson Approved’ but again, 35 years of history selling quality electronics.

Jaycar will happily ship either of the cables to you for an additional cost, or you can shop around for better cables. CableGeek sells a 1.8m USB-C to USB-C cable for $14.99 or CableChick sells a 1m one for $19.99 – neither are Benson approved and both have shipping costs on top too.

You can duck into JB Hifi and grab a Belkin branded (and Benson approved) USB-C to USB-C cable for $39.95, but you may as well just buy the Google one at that stage.

I’ve gotten to the point where I need USB Type C chargers which can keep my phone topped up at work, or other places I regularly go, I’m grabbing a couple of these for myself and my wife and we’ll see how they go.

Are you in the market for a USB-C charger? Have you found a bargain for a great one?

Source: Jaycar.
Via: OzBargain.
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    Philip Clark

    I’ve been using one of these with Jaycar’s usb-c cord the past few months and it works well, just be aware that based on the fast charging technology of your phone it may only charge at normal speeds – it fast charged my Nexus 6P but only charges my Samsung S8 at normal speeds.

    Yianni Soc

    Pretty sure 5V,3A is 15W.
    And it doesn’t have C or A tick markings on it.. I’m sure 35 years supplying electronics means it is approved for Australian sale though.
    Good deal though. Will be interested to see your findings if it works well.