The LG G6 has been on the market now for a couple of months, now LG has upped the ante announcing a ‘Plus’ version of the phone with more storage, memory and enhanced sound.

The LG G6 Plus will go on-sale in South Korea next month, where the majority of specs are the same. The G6 Plus is still powered by a Snapdragon 821 processor, has the same 5.7″ 2,880 x 1,440 resolution display, 5MP front-camera and dual 13MP rear cameras but now comes with up to 128GB of onboard storage and the 32-bit Quad DAC included on the retail version of the G6 which launched here as well as premium earphones from B&O PLAY. LG also says some countries will also be getting a model with wireless charging.

The G6 Plus will also come in a range of new colour options, with LG announcing Optical Astro Black, Optical Terra Gold and Optical Marine Blue colours for the LG G6 Plus, that are ‘covered with a lenticular film to deliver a mesmeric optical effect’. The original G6 will be getting two new colour options: Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold, though these will likely be rolled out in limited markets.

As well as new hardware, LG is updating software on the G6 series, with new features being added to both the G6, and launching with the G6 Plus: Face Print, Low Power Consumption and a warning when you cover the camera lens. Faceprint will allow you to unlock your G6 or G6+, simply by holding it up to your face, allowing you to unlock your phone in under a second. The camera will instantly activate when locked and raised to your face. LG is also. As to how their Low Power Consumption will work, LG hasn’t expanded on that, but we’ll probably see more soon.

LG has only announced the G6 Plus internationally, we’ll be checking in with LG Australia to see if there’s any chance we’ll see the updated unit here.

LG Australia has responded to day advising on whether we’ll see the G6 Plus here or not. They’ve said:

LG Australia is thrilled with the positive response to the LG G6 in the Australian market. At this stage the LG G6+ will not be sold in Australia, however, additional details will be shared if they become available.

Source: LG.
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Phill Edwards

Huh? They’re so thrilled that they’ve decided not to sell the Plus here!


When you can, find out if the Hong Kong or Taiwan version will also come with the Qi? I know they already have DAC.


I was already planning on spending my tax return on a G6, but now I need to wait for that marine blue version