Like them or loathe them, fidget spinners are the craze that’s sweeping the globe. Google has jumped on the bandwagon and is now letting you play with a virtual fidget spinner in Google Search.

The search term you’re looking for to bring this up is ‘Spinner‘, and it’s not just a fidget spinner you get, you can also choose to use a number spinner. The search terms, and the spinners work on both desktop and mobile, so feel free to just search spinner.

The Number Spinner offers you a number wheel with options to have between 2-20 numbers included. The Fidget Spinner is very straight forward, and just like the number spinner you use the mouse to grab, hold and then spin the spinner…it’s that simple.

Spinner joins Spirit Level as another great little tool to use in Google Search, try it out now.

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    John Bousattout

    What a time to be alive! lol