Google and YouTube have been pushing VR and 360-degree video as a format for some time, but today they’ve announced a new VR focused format called VR180.

VR180 is a new format that will create videos, including support for streaming 180-degree VR videos. The VR180 format is designed to be viewed on mobile or desktop as a flat video, but will also work in VR headsets like Google’s Daydream or Cardboard and the Playstation VR.

Cameras will be launched to support the new format, with dual-sensors to allow for a 3D like option. Google is working with YI, Lenovo, and LG on cameras, which will launch before the end of this year. Google says the cameras will be ‘around the same price’ as point and shoot cameras.

The advantage of 360-degree video for VR is in the rich content you can create, but the cost of cameras, extended editing sometimes required and questionable quality of videos has lead to the creation of the VR180 format. VR180 is a simpler format, and it will soon be supported in video editors such as Adobe Premiere Pro.

No mention of where the new cameras will go on-sale, but we’re hoping they’ll be available in Australia, or at least able to be imported easily. If you want to learn more you can check out the VR180 website and sign up over there for updates.

Source: Google.