Last week we saw the OnePlus 5 announced after a lot of teasing from the fledgling Chinese company. We have seen many reviews of it already and the general consensus is that this is a great phone at decent value — for those who can buy it. For us Aussies it isn’t as hard as it once was to purchase a phone that has not been released here.

There are a multitude of grey-market importers vying for a chance to earn our dollars, as well as buying the official route and using a mail forwarding service. We’ve shot out a few emails and scoured the known reputable importers for those who will be selling the OnePlus 5 when it goes in sale in just over 24 hours time.

First just a quick reminder of the OnePlus 5 and it’s specs:

Key Specifications:OnePlus 5
Release date
  • June 27
  • 2017
Screen size5.5-inch
Screen technologyOptic AMOLED
Resolution1,920 x 1,080
Rear cameraDual 16MP + 20MP Telephoto
Front camera16MP
ChipsetSnapdragon 835
Core config
  • 6GB
  • 8GB
  • 64GB
  • 128GB
Battery3,300 mAh
Battery removable
ConnectorUSB C
Headphone PortYes
Headphone LocationBottom
Speaker Configuration
Android OSAndroid 7.1
Vendor skinOxygenOS
Dimensions152.7 x 74.7 x 7.25 mm
  • Slate Grey
  • Midnight Black

OnePlus + Mail Forwarder

Firstly you could always get your OnePlus 5 directly from OnePlus themselves. There are a variety of mail forwarders who want to help you with this. Our favourite here at Ausdroid is Comgateway.

This will set you back $479US for the 6GB/64GB version and $539US for the 8GB/128GB version. Add in postage from OnePlus to your mail forwarder of choice and then postage from there. Most mail forwarders will set you back around $50US to post a phone to you (along with any accessories you decide to purchase at the same time). All up you are looking at around $550US ($715AU) for the baby version and $610US ($795AU) for the higher specced version.

What about warranty though I hear you ask? Well, if you have any issues with your OnePlus 5 you will need to send it back to OnePlus and then pay for the mail forwarder again on the way back. Risky, and expensive.

Grey Market Importers

Many of us have used grey market importers, some with varying success and when buying through a non-official supply line we always recommend caution. We try to steer you clear of any dodgy ones and everyone’s experience will vary but we cannot be held responsible for any issues you may have. We suggest you ask them about warranty etc before purchasing your item. Many of these importers will handle your warranty themselves through a local repairer which may or may not be a good thing. As always, buyer beware.

Without further adieu, here is a list of grey market importers who responded to us or have it on their website who was have heard some good things about — not taking into account the shipping charges. All prices are in Aussie dollars.

6GB/64GB 8GB/128GB
GearBest $761 $926
Banggood $772 $880
Expansys $740
eGlobal $709 $809
DWI $749 $859

Some of these websites have free shipping, some have local warranty and some do not. It is best you weigh up all these when purchasing your OnePlus 5. You need to determine which things you are happy to compromise on.

This but a small sample of the number of grey market importers. More will be joining the fray in the coming weeks, chasing your dollars so if you can wait the prices will improve. Let us know below in the comments who you will be using to buy yours. Have you used any of these importers in the past? What has been your experience? Is there anyone we missed?

Note: The links to GearBest and BangGood are affiliate links which help to support the running of Ausdroid. You pay no extra, and the retailers sling us a dollar or two for the link.

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Nancy Dunlap

just got my one plus 5. The dash charger that came with the phone is a UK plug style. I live in Australia. Do I need to use it with an adaptor for Australia or can I use another plug that I have-or will it not be a ‘dash’ charger anymore if I change it?

Daniel Tyson

Just use an adapter, you should get Dash Charging.


If you want fast charging get an AU to UK adapter, easy to get e.g. bunnings has them.
Until then a standard charger will work but it will be slower is all.


Hey guys,
Anyone ordered one yet and any websites you recommend – other than the ones listed here, also is there any problems with the Chinese variant, do I have to do something to the ROM if I pick one up. Buying from aus btw.

Daniel Tyson

Scott went and found the websites available to purchase from which are mostly the western ROM. Nothing needs to be done usually.

All the sites will involve sending the phone somewhere for warranty, do pick your favourite and order.


For the first time ever, I actually don’t think the latest OnePlus is good value. I’d much rather pick up a HTC U11 or LG G6 with local warranty. Alternatively the OnePlus 3T looks heaps better IMO and doesn’t look as much like one of those fruity phones.

Tom Sekulic

Don’t forget the new Sony Xperia XZ Premium. It’s Premium in every way: 960fps 19MP camera, 4K (UltraHD) screen, Stereo front firing speakers, IP68 water/dust proof rating, local warranty, and near Google AOSP UI that is super-fast. I own one.


Wii the OnePlus5 work on Optus 4G.


Australia Post now has a US shipping service called ShopMate, and they’ve quoted me only AUD $30 to ship a OnePlus 5 to Australia.

Daniel Tyson

It’s Terrible. There are literally hundreds of awful reviews for ShopMate, I’d seriously re-consider using them.

Tom Sekulic

Any phone in the ~$AU800 range should have higher than 1080p screen and be IP68 certified. We need to remember that Note 3 had 1080p AMOLED 3 years ago! Also, Local warranty is a must for any phone.
If this phone was selling for the US price in Australia with local warranty then it would be a great buy.


Cannot trust Oneplus anymore after what they have done for oneplus 2 users


It was not CM that designed the os for op2 but oxygen os debuted on op2 and after that you all know what happened with the updates. Now most of the op2 users will not trust oneplus anymore. Not having ip68 is also not justifiable

Adam Ephraums

Looks pretty sweet. Any idea how soon it will be running Android O? If not I might have to hold out for a Pixel 2..