When Google Home launches in Australia later this year, it’s looking like it will be with quite a good feature list. The latest feature to roll out is the ability to use Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker.

The additional functionality for Google Home was announced at Google I/O in May, but the function is now rolling out with system firmware version 90387.

The Bluetooth function will work just like any other Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to simply pair a phone, tablet or any other Bluetooth enabled device to the speaker. Control for the Bluetooth devices paired is also shown in the Google Home app.

The firmware update, like all Google updates, is rolling out to Home speakers slowly, so check your Google Home if you’ve got one and see what yours is on.

Don’t worry if you haven’t seen this functionality appear on your Google Home, according to TheVerge, the update has been pushed early. They’ve updated their story saying:

Google appears to have accidentally pushed out the update to some users early by accident, this post has been updated to reflect that.

Source: Android Police.
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    Max Luong

    Mine (on firmware version 88047) still hasn’t received the multiuser functionality, let alone this. 🙁


    I’m heading to the UK next week and plan on picking one up 🙂

    Lucy Wardle

    I have the latest update but can’t seem to pair my device?

    Phill Edwards

    Anyone know how it performs as a Bluetooth speaker? I’m guessing it’s not great but interested in real world feedback.

    Chris Rowland

    Google Home plays audio fairly well at reasonable volumes, so there’s no reason to think it’d perform any worse when over Bluetooth as opposed to Casting.

    yes you

    Mine just got the aussie accent as well whilst on firmware 8