Google has taken an unusual step this morning, announcing a site-wide Play Store sale. They’re calling it a summer sale on their blog, but the winter savings are up on the Australian Play Store now.


Google has taken up to 70% off a range of Books in their winter warmer sale, offering discounts on a huge range of books from a variety of authors. There’s some interesting titles there, though the series focusing on Australian prisons by James Phelps looks like something I could get into.

If you’re interested head over to Google Play Books to see the complete list.

Movies & TV

If you’d rather kick back in front of the TV than curl up with a good book then Google Play Movies and TV has some deals for you.

To start with, you can find a 99c movie rental offer that can be applied for a single movie rental. It’s been a bit sporadic showing up on accounts, but it’s there, so keep checking back.

If you’d rather buy a movie than rent it then you can get a heap of movies on-sale starting from $6.99, but that’s in SD format. If HD format is more your jam (and you’re a monster if it’s not), then you’ll be looking at $8.99 for a bunch of movies like Pitch Perfect (and the sequel too), World War Z, Jack Reacher and more. If you’re willing to pay a bit more though, I highly recommend the Amy Adams movie – Arrival for $13.99 in HD.

If you like a binge watch rather than a quick movie, then Google Play TV has discounted episodes and seasons, with individual episodes starting from just 99c.

Shows like Justified, Family Guy, The Tudors and more are present in the sale, with some episodes starting at 99c. It’s a good way to get an introduction to a series for a cheap price, so make sure to check out what they have.


If you love your music, and maybe you’re a Pandora user looking for a streaming service to try out then Google Play Music is offering a 4 month trial for new users.

Google Play Music offers 40 million tracks to stream, as well as an online locker where you can upload up to 50,000 tracks (100,000 if you have a Galaxy S8) of your own music to listen to.

Apps and Games

Google Play started as the Android Market, and back then it was just apps. For their winter sale, Google has listed a heap of apps and games that either include discounted In-App Purchases (IAP), or offer discounts on the price.

We mostly loathe IAP, but occasionally there’s good deals and this isn’t too bad. The deals for their IAP subscriptions offer up to 50% off a subscription to a service for companies like the New York Times, Memrise (learn a new language), Blinkist (non-fiction book subscriptions), Yazio Calorie Counter, plus lots more.

If buying games is more your cup of tea, then you can buy games at up to 80% off in their winter sale. Don’t be fooled though, even some of these games have IAP in there as well, but not all.

What’s on offer?

There’s a bit of a side sale, not really ‘open’ to Australia for some better games. The focus is only open to the US, but the games are still on sale. You can find:

So, if you’re into Apps, Games, Movies, TV Shows, Books or Music, there’s something there for everyone. Grab a deal before the sale is over, and if you really want to make it better, don’t forget that Coles has 10% off Google Play Gift Cards this week as well.

Source: Google.
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    I would like the ability to flag an app so you get notified when its on special.

    Aaron Corona

    Lara Croft GO, Hitman Sniper, NFS Most Wanted among a few others are 80% off too.


    I wish I could turn off romance novels. Half of them either have ripped abs or a country girl on the front. Not interested in that market. They seem to always feature heavily whenever there is a selection of books on offer.