Facebook has today announced that they’ve expanded availability of their Find Wi-Fi tool from a select few countries, to everyone in the world.

The hotspots are listed by the businesses themselves, sharing with Facebook that they have Wi-Fi on their Facebook page.

The find wi-fi feature is available for both iOS and Android users, allowing people who are either travelling, or in areas where cellular service isn’t ‘good’ or available, to get online.

To use the tool, load the Facebook app, go to the ‘More’ tab, and then select Find Wi-Fi – you can then find a business near you with a wi-fi hotspot from the map, as well as learn about the business hosting it.

As with any hotspot you connect to, we really do recommend you use a VPN when using any data connection you’re not familiar with. Just because Facebook says it’s there, doesn’t mean it’s ‘safe’.

I can’t see Find Wi-Fi in my Facebook app just yet, but it looks like an interesting tool that could help you out in a jam.

Price: Free+
Source: Facebook.