When Google finally introduced “OK Google” voice command triggering into Android Auto it worked seamlessly. It felt like it was something that should have been included in the app from the very beginning, after all, it does help road safety. Now, just as an update did with Google Play Music not so long ago, an update has broken the “OK Google” functionality within Android Auto.

I noticed it last week and just thought it was a review phone I was using not working correctly with Android Auto. It worked very intermittently but more often than not my yelling at it did not trigger the voice commands. It seems that I was not alone with this issue with many users taking to the Android Auto User Community to voice their displeasure with the new bug.

The bug apparently only affects Android Auto head units whereas “OK Google” works as designed with the phone on any screen and also while using Android Auto on the phone. Google developers follow these forums closely to help resolve bugs and issues users may have and a member of the Android Auto team has chimed in with a workaround for now, which apparently has worked for some but not others:

As you can see in the image above there is apparently some form of conflict between the Google App and the new Android Auto update, caused by the Google App and the Android Auto team is working on a fix. Hopefully this fix arrives soon as my steering wheel controls do not work and OK Google allows me to control my infotainment without taking my eyes off the road.

Source: Google Product Forums.
Via: Android Police.
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I thought it was flakey recently, good to know it’s actually a bug!