If you’re a regular traveller to international destinations, you may be familiar with the annoyance of carrying power point adaptors for different countries you’re visiting. Maybe this is a first world problem, but if it isn’t, this new accessory from Bauhn at Aldi might be right up your alley.

For just $19.95 this week at Aldi, the Bauhn Universal Travel Adaptor Kit allows you to power your Australian-plugged accessories wherever you happen to be in 150 countries around the world.

There’s four USB ports, offering up to 3.1A in total, and two standard power points for those things which you can’t run off USB, for example your laptop or a camera charger. The true pro will chuck something like this in their bag with a power board, so you can power a range of devices.

We’ve talked about things like this before, but the go-to protect we’ve recommended in the past is from Belkin and usually costs more than $55.00 depending on where you find it. Better still, this one from Aldi comes with its own handy carry pouch to make sure you don’t lose the adaptors, and to keep it all tidy in your bag.

If you’ve got any travel coming up, at $19.95 you’d be mad not to throw one of these in your bag. I know I will be (and I’ve already got a Belkin one).

Source: Aldi Special Buys.
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I bought one for travel in France, and it has now failed. Can’t use the USB slots. Only have the 2 plug sockets to use. Pretty useless

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Phill Edwards

I bought one.