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The Google Drive back-up tool announced mid last month has been delayed according to an update on the original announcement post.

The update was added late last month, on June 26th, advising that the proposed July 12th launch date has been pushed back ‘several weeks’. The statement from Google advised:

Update (June 26th, 2017): Based on your valuable feedback, we’ve decided to delay the launch of Backup and Sync while we make improvements to the product. We’re planning to launch in the next several weeks, but please monitor the G Suite Release Calendar for the specific date.
{/box] The tool, which was coming to both Windows and MacOS, was designed to replace existing functions and backup not only individual files, but all specified folders, making for a complete backup solution, if that’s what you wanted.

At this stage, there is no firm release date, with Google simply advising you keep your eye on the G Suite release calendar for a date.

Source: GSuite.
Via: Android Police.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.

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Ausdroid Reader

Hopefully they have something better driving it than the tech behind Drive. It gets stuck on random files, the desktop app never tried to get back online when network settings change and it’s really slow.
It’s so useful but I don’t understand why a company with the resources of Google can’t get it right compared to a little guy like DropBox which has been rock solid since the start.

Ausdroid Reader

Had to move away from Google Drive for Windows. Was a shitshow. Specifically, when uploading for any period of time >5 minutes it would destroy my bandwidth. Slow as a dog. I use Insync which has worked flawlessly so far even if it does have a few weird issues.

Chris Rowland
Ausdroid Director

Couldn’t agree more with you both; the windows app is useless compared to the Mac one. It rarely seems to keep things in sync properly. I use Netdrive2 to access Drive on Windows; more reliable (though it doesn’t have the sync side of things).

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