Viber is a really solid messaging platoform with a history of being at the pointy end of the pack when it comes to offering new functionality. The update currently rolling out with extensions affirms this with the ability to play music, share YouTube links and much more, as well as new partnerships with Booking and VICE News.

There’s a few additions and a few tweaks to existing functions. Previously you’d be able to share YouTube links but they would open in the app, now they open within Viber to allow you to stay in your chat. The other media sharing addition is Spotify which now can be shared inside the app with your friends to allow you to share your favourite tracks with your friends.

The sending of animated gifs via GIFY has been in place for a while on a few platforms including Viber, but on the mobile app this has been worked into the extensions button to make life quick and easy searching for that ultimately sarcastic response or if no GIF meets your needs, getty images are available in the extensions button too.

If that’s not your bag, Viber is moving into news with the VICE chat extension. The extension allows you to keep up to date with culture, viral content, as well as the latest trending news.

Viber has also added support for travel, with an option to search for hotels on Booking. Through the Booking extension you can search hotels and check availability for over 1.2 million hotels worldwide, and before you book you can check out the 120 million reviews of those hotels.

What is clear from this update is that Viber are continuing to progress their product across platforms and ensuring that they maintain and grow their market share.

What is the key factors you look for when evaluating chat platforms?

Source: Viber Blog.