Going by the overwhelmingly positive reviews for the HTC U11, including Jason’s recent love note, HTC is onto a winner with the HTC U11. It appears that HTC is looking to extend that winning formula into the mid-range with a new rumour from noted HTC insider, @llabtoofer tweeting about a new U series phone codenamed the Ocean Life.

The line is drawn between the two phones in the codename, the HTC U11 was the HTC Ocean, while this new handset is codenamed the Ocean Life. The phone will also run HTC’s Edge Sense software which controls the touch sensitive panels on either side of the phone.

The specs of the upcoming phone were tweeted out this evening, with @llabtoofer saying:

As you can see, the phone is mid-range with a FullHD resolution 5.2″ display rather than a more premium QHD resolution display, although the smaller form factor may appeal to those wanting a smaller device and a smaller, 2,600mAh battery will benefit from the lower resolution. HTC will also be bringing their tuned U Sonic audio experience to the phone,

The phone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 which is no slouch by any means with 8x Kryo cores, Hexagon 680 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Qualcomm Spectra 160 ISP for better image processing to really boost the 16MP front and rear cameras on the phone.

This is only rumour at this stage, so until HTC makes an announcement this could just be a prototype, but it certainly sounds compelling

Source: @llabtoofer.