With our growing need and engagement with mobile technologies has come a growing need to keep our toys charged. This saw the birth of charging stations such as the Alldock from crowdfunding. We’ve seen the first and second generation of the Alldock come across the Ausdroid test bench and now there’s a new addition: Alldock Towers.

Offering 8 Charging ports, each capable of 2.4A output simultaneously, this is quite possibly the ultimate charging station for your home or office. Where the Alldock is designed for home use for a single users, the 8 ports offers enough charging capability for your whole family.

There’s 4 options:

  1. Black Tower: $149
  2. Silver Tower: $169
  3. Bamboo Tower: $189
  4. Walnut Tower: $199

We’ve also got information that they’ll be launching an Indieogogo campaign soon to assist them in getting this to market. We’ll put further information out as it comes to hand, but given their history it shouldn’t be hard to find information once they get going.

If you’re yet to jump on the charging station train, what will get you on board?

Source: Alldock Shop.