Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and to that end, finding out all you can about a location is one of the functions of Maps. Today Google is giving you a new way to add information on just how accessible a place is in Maps.

Accessibility information such as whether a venue or business has wheelchair-accessible entrances, wheelchair-accessible elevators, wheelchair-accessible seating, wheelchair-accessible parking and even restrooms can be easily added from within the Google Maps app.

To add information, just open Maps, then go to Your Contributions > Uncover missing info and sort by ‘Accessibility’. Once there, you can add the information in easily through the card that pops up.

Once you’ve added the data, the information can be seen in business listings in Maps as well as in Search.

Google is also making it easier to see what accessibility options are available for businesses in Maps. Open a business description, then scroll down to the accessibility section. You can amend this section if you feel an update is required.

Google says that over 7 million businesses now have accessibility information added. With your help, this number can grow significantly.

Source: Google.