After releasing the July security bulletin and associated OTA and Factory Images yesterday, it seems not all is well for the OTA update for Pixel phones with the update apparently failing to install.

It appears the issue is affecting users on the Pixel only (not Pixel XL) with users on both reddit the Google Product Forums, reporting that they have received the error ‘couldn’t update, installation problem’.

The response has been quite fast, with a Google employee jumping into the Product Forum thread to advise

Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting us know — we’re looking into this.

For the time being, it’s a matter of just waiting, but with the Pixel line of devices now a priority for Google they should have this sorted out quickly.

Are you getting errors on your Pixel…have you actually received the OTA prompt on your Pixel?

Source: Google Product Forums.
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    I can’t get my Pixel to recognise there’s an update available. Perhaps Google have halted it while they investigate.


    Same here


    Worked fine for me.