In this mobile-first world, we all rely on our mostly mediocre device batteries to ‘get us through the day’. As device manufacturers have largely abandoned adequate capacity batteries in preference for thiner phones they have convinced most consumers of the virtues of faster charging. As such our needs have shifted from reliably batteries to ludicrously fast charging to keep these tiny tanks full.

This introduces a new (and horrid) world of power complexity, with you now needing to have the right charger and the right cable to push these ever growing currents into your device. Enter Kurrent. Kurrent is a mobile accessory maker focusing mostly on power delivery, and their latest device the “USB Type-C Power Meter” is intended to let you know just how much juice you’re pumping into your beloved digital companion.

What is the Kurrent Power meter? The USB C Power Meter provides a real-time display of the current volts and amps as well as a record of how much power has been supplied since charging began measured in mAh, just like your batteries.

What did I use it for? I immediately set about testing all of my USB C cables and chargers. For me, since I’ve only invested in good quality cables since preparing for and making the switch to USB C they all passed, however, it won’t be long until other accessories I buy start coming with cheap and nasty cables.

Using the Kurrent Power Meter I will be able to test any cable against my benchmark cable the Belkin DuraTek. Get within 10% of that and you can stay, otherwise, it’s off to cable heaven for you.

The other use is obviously testing wall chargers and portable batteries to make sure that they pair well with any given device. With USB 3.0 power delivery spec, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4+, Moto Fast Charge, OnePlus Discharge etc it can be difficult to know exactly what will charge your device quickly, especially as not all OEMs advertise all of the charging tech included in their devices. Whack a Power Meter on that sucker and you’ll see first hand exactly what’s happening.

Do you need a Power Meter? I guess not but man have I wanted one and now I’m going to have to buy a MicroUSB Power Meter as I’ve found these tests more accurate than using apps like Ampere which while giving an indication are known to be less accurate. Sure I won’t be monitoring every time I charge but I will be testing, and knowing me retesting, all of my USB C power delivery components.

Check out Kurrent’s web page if you want more details of how to get a USB Type-C Power Meter, or head straight to Amazon and grab one, international shipping is still being added for the Power Meter, but if you want it I know you know what to do.

Win a Kurrent USB Type-C Power Meter

Thanks to the kind people over at Kurrent we’ve got some USB Power Meters to give away to you. Simply write in 25 words or less why you want a USB C Power Meter and we’ll select the best answers.

Only users signed in will be eligible as we need to be able to contact you, so make sure you’re commenting with a profile that has an email address or something behind it.

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    Eric Yew

    I would love to win a Kurrent meter as currently it’s not possible to buy one in Australia!


    I travel frequently and have a well-packed pouch with multiple usb cables all neatly placed in their various pockets for phones, DAC’s, tablets, usb c computer. This device would round this off perfectly.

    Dean Reading

    I need a Kurrent because when I use my existing $2 eBay special USB current meter, the bottleneck isn’t the cables; it’s the meter!


    Lol… never seen a post with so many responses. I don’t have a type C mobile yet but this is a good idea. I must look for a micro version.
    So does all the cables on gadgets4geeks pass the Kurrent test?

    I’m an independant electrical engineer and this power meter would be helpful for debugging phone fixes and usbc appliances. Cheers!


    It’s the best idea for something I never knew I wanted or needed!

    Adam J

    I have a pre-order for a Wattcost. This’d be useful to check the accuracy of Wattcost’s ability to identify devices by their power-draw signature.

    Ben Evans

    I want one to stop living in the mystery of which charger/cables will work well and which need to go to cable heaven.


    My friend keeps saying that my battery pack is old and unable to support quick charge. I tell him that he needs to quit using cheapo cables from the garbage bin. Who will win? Only one way to find out – with a proper power meter!

    David Kan

    I want one simply because it’s gonna be free 🙂
    honestly, its a great tool to test the car chargers i bought for dad and my car. My dad said it has been charging slow for him. Could be lemon car charger or faulty cable. With this, i can be certain.

    btw how do i delete my comment under guest account?

    David Kan

    Nvm hope I win ?


    I want one! I make so many assumptions about cables and wall plugs, time to check them

    Rami Al Nashi

    I fix Android devices a lot of the time for family & friends, replacing screens, boards, charging ports… etc this power meter will be of great help and a big time saver in a lot of the cases.


    An excellent solution to an industry-created problem. I’d love to be able to verify that my spare cables and chargers are compatible with my phone.

    Paul Snedden

    After destroying the battery on my 6P, I’ll not be making the same mistakes again. Only good quality cables and no more overnight charging for this little black duck.

    Hamish McKinnon

    As the de facto “tech friend,” in my circles, testing potentially problematic cables would be a real asset as USB-C is my primary cable type.


    I’d like to test my many power supplies, cables and adapters to make sure it’s safe and fast!

    Jared Mayfield

    I need this because I have a pixel XL and my old ones no longer work 🙁

    Quentin Wright

    I’ve had a look through Kurrents website and it seems the only way to purchase it is to go through Amazon. Amazon’s US site says they won’t ship it to Australia. I know I can get it shipped indirectly through the US at extra cost. Is this just me?


    I also got the ‘won’t ship to Oz’ message – and I don’t have a standard workaround in place. Anyone found it somewhere that will ship direct to Australia?

    Quentin Wright

    I have a Nexus 6P that shuts down randomly, it will only re-start when power is attached. Need to check standby powerbanks/cables.


    Im a stats man with a couple of USB-C devices. Id love to see the stats while charging and find out which ways the best.


    I charge various USB-C devices anywhere I can, it would be great to see which ways are best. Using different outlets, computers and cables.

    Joshua Broad

    GIMMI GIMMI GIMMI GIMMI I would love to have one of these… If I don’t win, I’ll def buy one.

    Craig Ogier

    I have a huge collection of cables and wall worts I would love to test.
    This device seems perfect.