Details of the LG Q6 and its variants leaked yesterday, just hours before they were made official. The phone, with its three variants, is targeting the lower end of the market but with LG putting their new 18:9 minimal-bezel design into effect they will be definite stand outs in that segment of the market.

Many phones that are released do not make it to our shores unfortunately but LG has plans for an Australian Q6 release. At the time of the leak yesterday we reached out to LG Australia and today they have replied with the following statement:

LG Australia is excited the LG Q6 is being brought to consumers globally. This shows LG’s commitment to drive the evolution of its mobile communications forward following the LG G6 launch earlier this year. More information about local availability will be shared soon.

While LG Australia don’t mention which Q6 model will grace our shores it is promising that they are looking to bring one (or more) of the models here. Let’s face it, although many of us would much prefer a flagship device, many more just want a phone that works and looks half decent. This is certainly that.

We will furnish you with more details as soon as they come to hand.