News about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 (the new phone not the old tablet) has begin to drip out with renders and case leaks starting to give an indication of how the device will be physically shaping up. Today it looks as if the UK’s  The Investor has had a late August launch date confirmed by Samsung themselves, while the expected date of the 23rd is still unconfirmed.

According to ‘sources’ the launch has been moved forward to facilitate an earlier release and let Samsung capitalise on a expected delay of the next iPhone. Considering the issues Samsung had with last years Note 7 I just hope that the Note 8 is ready and won’t be rushed; we need a great device from you Samsung.

Little is currently know about the Galaxy Note 8 except it will feature a 6.3-inch 2:1 ‘infinity display’ similar to the 6.2-inch display in the Galaxy S8 Plus. Being a Note device it will also include a built in S-Pen along with top tier specifications meeting or exceeding the Galaxy S8’s own specs.

With the Galaxy S8 Plus already ringing in at $1349 AUD RRP you can expect that the Galaxy Note will sneak in little above that price, possibly beating the Pixel XL 128’s price tag of $1419 and becoming the most expensive consumer Android Device in Australia. If last years Galaxy Note 7 and this years Galaxy S8 are any indication the device should be both beautiful and powerful (not to mention expensive).

We haven’t heard any rumblings about an Australian launch or release window as yet but would it expect it to quickly follow on from the New Your event. With possibly only 6 weeks until the launch event you can expect the leaks and rumours to start to ramp up. With the Note 7 having to be prised out of my hands last year I’m seriously looking forward to the launch of this device.

Source: The Investor.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Eric Yew

Nice! Can’t wait

Brad H

They need to move that fingerprint sensor if they want my custom. Same reason I didn’t get an S8+. Coming from a perfectly placed Nexus 6P, it’s impossible for me to buy a phone with the sensor in a different location.