According to sources, Google Australia is likely to make their Home speaker, as well as their mesh Wi-Fi system available in Australia at an event next week.

Google announced at their I/O developer conference earlier this year that they would be bringing Home to a number of new countries including Canada, France, Germany, Japan and of course Australia ‘this summer’. Google Home arrived in Canada late last month and will arrive alongside Google Wi-Fi in France in early August.

We’ve now received information indicating that Australia will be seeing both Google Home and Wi-Fi products launched here next week.

The Australian launch is apparently set for Tuesday, when Google will unveil Australian pricing and availability details for their Home and Wi-Fi devices, with both items going on-sale on Thursday.

While details of where to buy both Home and Wi-Fi are still under wraps, it seems likely that JB Hi-Fi will be carrying the Home speaker at the very least, with reports of security barrier banners being erected ahead of the launch showing Google Home. The retailer may also carry Google Wi-Fi as well.

We also expect that the online Google Store will carry the products.

Ausdroid’s source didn’t provide any hints on pricing, though.

We’ll be checking in with Google Australia for the launch details, but we may not have much to share before next Tuesday.

Are you excited to see Google’s Home and Wifi products released in Australia? Tell us in the comments!

Thanks: Anonymous Strangers.
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    Telstra will also be stocking the Home (not the Wi-Fi) and its confirmed for $199 retail.

    Phillip Malone

    So looking forward to being officially available here!


    I just bought a Home and two Wifis while in London on business 😀

    Mind you, I’ll get the VAT back so the whole lot will end up costing me about $400. Pretty happy with that.


    Got the inside scoop

    Officeworks July 20th Launch

    Google Home – $199
    Google Mesh Router 1PK – $199
    Google Mesh Router 3Pk – $399

    Jack Smith

    When Apple ended the AirPort line late last year decided to replace with the Google WiFi. Love this product. I have a huge house with lots of kids and some that game. Use to set up a segment for them and no longer need to.

    Basically Google packed the product with a brain that knows how to segment traffic but at the same make it appear flat as some products need a flat network. Basically have your cake and eat it too.

    Can not recommend stronger.

    Dean Rosolen

    Let’s hope they turn Google Assistant on as well so that we don’t have to change our phone language.

    Luke Vesty

    Awesome to hear. I think I’ll wait off a month or two after the initial launch just to ensure there’s no Australian bugs to be squashed. But after this I reckon it’ll be hard to resist trying one.

    That said, I think I also want to wait for the NBN to arrive at my home. I’m apparently less than six months away…… we’ll see though!


    They better make the Home app and Google Assistant show all functionality with English (AU) next week as well. Getting sick of having to switch back and forth between US and AU.


    Ties in with the June/July timeframe I heard earlier in the year. The only question is cost – I have a horrible feeling they will attempt to get $199 for it.


    Fantastic news, I just was thinking about getting a grey import 2nd Home, will hold off now


    First the Nest products, now Google Home and WiFi? Sweet!!! 🙂


    Finally. thanks excellent news.