Google Home is getting more features, with the smart speaker now able to turn on voice dubbing and change language at your command.

The update will control the command when streaming video such as international films or TV shows whose lead actors may be speaking in another language. Turning on dubbing may allow you to choose another language track if one is available. Given that the only services currently available to stream videos from are YouTube or Netflix, it’s dependent on these services having that secondary voice track, if it’s not available, this won’t work.

The list of commands for dubbing, as shown on the Google Support page include:
Turn on dubbing

  • “Dubbing on”
  • “Turn on dubbing”
  • “Can you turn on dubbing?”

Change language

  • “Change language to
  • “Switch language to
  • “Turn on dubbing”
  • “Play it in
  • “Switch the voice over to
  • “Translate film to
  • “Start dubbing in

Given we may be seeing Google Home launching here in Australia as early as next week, this support will be quite handy with our large multi-cultural population.

Source: Google Support.
Via: Android Police.