Google has just launched a trailer for a new Spotlight Story called Sonaria in partnership with International Design & Animation Studio Chromosphere LA.

The new story is an ‘experimental project’ that Google is working on with Chromosphere LA, which will be featured in the Google Spotlight Story app. The story of Sonaria ‘follows two ever-changing creatures as they flow from one life form to another in an immersive tale of sound and light’. The story will be scored by composer Scot Stafford, who previously composed the soundtrack for previous spotlight story Pearl. Stafford will co-direct Sonaria with Chromosphere’s Kevin Dart.

Google’s Spotlight Stories is a content creation division which concentrates on creating immersive videos, it also gives artists a platform to launch 360° video stories using the latest advances in the field. Spotlight Stories are viewable on your phone through the app, but the best viewing experience is in a VR headset like Google’s low-cost Cardboard solution.

There’s no date for the release of Sonaria, but if you’re interested you can install the app and check in often.

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