Australian pricing and availability for Google Home and Wifi appearing

In light of the revelation that Google will announce availability for both Google Home and their mesh network Wi-Fi system here in Australia this week, we’ve been inundated with information (and some speculation) about availability and pricing.


To start with, the tips are pointing to retail availability of both Google Home and Wi-Fi on July 20th at retailers JB Hi-Fi and Office Works (we suspect Harvey Norman will be on-board too, but can’t get confirmation) as well as being offered for sale at Telstra and possibly Optus stores.

We’re also looking at Google making the products available through the Google Store, but we’re waiting on confirmation from Google on this one. Retail pricing has been listed as :


Yes, it appears that Google will be doing deals with carriers for at least Google Home. There’s little to indicate that the mesh Wi-Fi product will show up at carriers, but we’re hearing that Home will be heading to at least Telstra, and possibly Optus as well.

According to tips, Google Home will be offered in a bundle deal with the Google Pixel as a bonus on selected eligible plans.

There’s also some murmurings that Optus staff may be doing training on Google Home as well, leading to the possibility of at least outright sales of Home through their stores.

Due to Telstra’s exclusive on the Pixel, it’s doubtful that Optus will be bundling Home with a Pixel. LG offered a bundled Home with the G6 in the US, so it’s possible we may see something like that with their handsets.