Do you know what’s missing from Allo? The ability to react to messages with a heart. That’s not really what it’s missing, but you all know that. That is unfortunately what the Allo dev team think though with that function being rolled out in todays update.

The announcement of message reactions was made by Head of Product Google Allo, Google Duo & WebRTC, Amit Fulay through his Twitter account:

The update hasn’t made it to the Google Play Store as yet, so you’ll likely get this update over the next few days…if you’re still using Allo.

Google has also taken the opportunity presented by world Emoji day – that was yesterday for us here in Australia – to say farewell to the Blob Emoji which are disappearing in Android O. Google has created a sticker pack for Allo you to download, that is if it’s still installed on your phone.

We’re still waiting for some real meaningful updates for Allo, but keep getting these. We want to believe Google, now give us something to believe in.

Source: Amit Fulay.
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    Gregory Eden

    Stickers are for the immature. What is missing from Allo is the ability to run simultaneously from phone, tablet, notebook and desktop. Duo needs to be built in, and they are at least adding some integration.

    Facebook Messenger being polluted by ads is a great opportunity.


    these increasingly absurd allo updates are starting to read like a long parody